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The care we provide consists of the following:


Prenatal: During Labor: Postpartum:


I can provide you with montrice services in your home but not at the hospital. Montrice services are outside the scope and practice of a labor doula and include taking maternal vitals, assessing fetal heart tones and cervical dilation exams. These can be helpful if you are wishing to stay at home for the better part of your labor but want to be sure to make it to the hospital on time for your birth. Montrice services are not for medical treatment, but only to assess your progress in labor.

Childbirth Education Classes

Having a child is an exciting time in one’s life. Our Childbirth Education Series offers unbiased, evidence based information in order to effectively make the many choices during this amazing time. We truly believe that birth is a normal life process and women’s bodies are designed perfectly for childbearing. Based on the motto of the International Childbirth Education Association, “freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives” this course offers a curriculum dedicated to educating parents about options and alternatives. A few of the topics that will be discussed are relaxation techniques, writing a realistic birth plan, comfort measures in labor, choosing a healthcare provider/place of birth, stages of labor, benefits of a doula/labor support, medical interventions, cesarean birth/VBAC, and introductions to breastfeeding and baby care. This class is interactive with activities and a multimedia presentation format. Classes are kept small for optimal learning and one-on-one attention. All mothers are welcome regardless of chosen place of birth, sexual orientation, or relationship status.

Early Pregnancy Sessions

This class is designed for the newly pregnant woman and her partner. Spend an evening together learning about your baby and some of the exciting changes and decisions surrounding pregnancy. The class will touch on: The comfort and safety of the mother and baby are of the utmost concern at all times. You will be comfortably supported in a semi-reclined or side-lying position using pillows and cushions for proper support. Only high quality organic creams and lotions are used.

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